Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday's updates

Ember Case
Ember weighs in on the symptoms of conference fever (or is it conference overdose?).

Gwyneth's Blog
Gwyneth talks about the Literacy Bookfair and lists some of the African American romance writers who will be signing there.

Sandra talks about interpersonal skills and links to a basic article on networking/working the room. And don't miss her post on pitching.

Judie Aitken
Judie has conference fever! :)

Escape Into Our Fantasy
Cai gives an overview of the conference, talks about the common stress point of clothing, and shares some cool facts on romance.

Amanda's Ramblings
Amanda talks about pitching her books, including the wonderfully-titled "FROM MISS BITCH TO MRS. RICH." (RWA part occurs below book review)

Kelly Writes
Kelly will run a contest to share some of her swag from the conference -- enter now! (Requires signing up for her newsletter)

Patti O'Shea
Patti worries about a number of things, including the conference.

The Write Calling
Katey throws her hat in the Blogging National ring.

Mary's Scene
Mary links to a great article on conference behavior.

Serendipity Link of the Day
Non-conference related, but just a drop dead wonderful presentation by a spectacular human being. Marjora Carter talks about environmental justice in the South Bronx. She is not a polished speaker, but stick with it for the first few minutes, and I promise you will be swept up by her, and then blown away. Click on the video screenshot to start. (19 minutes short)


At Saturday, July 15, 2006 9:13:00 PM, Blogger Kelly said...

Hi Jude! (I just wrote "hey Jude", but then I realized you must get that a lot.) Providing that I can find me some free (okay, if not free, damn cheap) wireless, I'll definitely be blogging National.


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