Sunday, July 23, 2006

Happy Sunday

Literary Chicks
Alesia is in Hotlanta at Suz Brockmann's Readers Weekend and shares some pics via her Alesia blog.

Warner Women
Diane posts pics and memories about National.

Stephanie's Blog
Stephanie promises some rollicking reports:
As the week goes by, I’ll post every night and give a recap of the day. No dry, boring stuff - I’ll tell all the good scooby. Like who’s hangin’ and who’s dishin’ - with glossy, action photos!
She posted her first and second daily reports already.

Romance Blog
Cynthia links to a wonderful post on pitching by ALG, and talks about her goals for National.

Writing Playground
Kimberly has an amazing if perhaps apocryphal new weird conference story which may lead you to pack something you might not have thought you would need.

Literary Chicks
Lani is trying to stuff 14 pairs of shoes into one small suitcase by Tuesday. Presumably with at least one change of clothes and a toothbrush as well.

Squawk Radio
Liz creates playlists for National.

He Wrote, She Wrote
Bob talks about pitching in light of his impending convo with his agent at National about his latest manuscript.

Mel loses one thing every year before National.

Kristen Painter
Why does Kristen glow in the dark?

No rules. Just write.
Brenda is looking to have breakfast with readers of her blog Friday/Saturday morning during the conference. Stop by her table at the Literacy Signing if you're interested -- and don't forget to get a cool purple pen and some chocolate!

Well-Behaved At All Times
Jenny, Eileen, and Anne will polish their novel at Atlanta one year after they decided to write a book together.

Janice Lynn
Janice presents a rough overview of her schedule for National.

Romance: By The Blog
Michelle asks you what you want to know about the conference and what should we tell editors/agents about what you want to see in romance.

Sandra talks about an important visit she'll make in Atlanta.

Bebe Thomas
Bebe is getting ready for National and is stressing over something other than clothes.

Being Bonnie Vanak
Instead of tattooing her bald head with a cover of her book, Bonnie went with __________.

Bronwyn Jameson
Bronwyn is winging her way to Atlanta as you read this. UPDATE: She is in Hollywood on her layover.

Jaci Burton's Muse
Jaci thinks packing and unpacking are similar because they both _____.

Karen's Blog
Karen is doing last minute rushing around and reminds everyone about Lucy Monroe's blog party next week: Blogging with Lucy Monroe.

Tanya's Tangents
Tanya panics over what is left to do.

Books for a Buck
Rob wonders why women dress up for National if they aren't doing it to impress a man.

Sandy's Chatterblog
Sandy details her accomplishments on her To Do list and what is remaining: 1 | 2

Serendipity Links
700 Hoboes: Explanation | Master List
Hanlon's Razor & Finagle's Law


At Sunday, July 23, 2006 2:17:00 PM, Blogger Cynthia Eden said...

Hi! Will you please add me to the list of RWA bloggers?

Cynthia Eden

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 3:01:00 PM, Blogger Sandra Richards said...

Hello, Jude!

I've got a new post up, dear, about ... well, my thoughts about the coming week. You'll see when you read it. **g**

See you in Atlanta,
Sandra Richards


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