Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday's update

Escape Into Our Fantasy
Cai doesn't have a pitch scheduled this year, but she talks about her experience with them in prior years.

Writing Romance in the Closet
Maria starts her countdown to Atlanta and shares some pics from Reno last year. Check out her longer countdown post on Title Wave as well.

Mel begins her countdown as well and includes some pics from her first conference in Dallas.

The Writing Playground
Angel focuses on a calm approach to National . . . or tries to. :)

Katy Cooper
Katy once forgot to pack shoes when she went on a cruise, so she is making a list of what to pack for National. (Katy is this year's workshop coordinator, so send her some rejuventating love and hugs!)

The Journal of Celia May Hart
Celia hears that it isn't safe to walk around downtown Atlanta at night (FWIW, I heard something similar).

Squawk Radio
Squawkees, sans the Squawkers, plan a get-together on Friday the 28th for posters and lurkers of SR.

Last year enroute to the conference, Treva had an idea for a book. This year she'll be in Atlanta when the book is released.

Lara Santiago
Lara tells you how to spot her at the conference. :)

Abby Godwin
Abby gives pointers on how to be a Nationals b----h including taking PBW out to lunch to get the gossip on everyone.

Serendipity Links
Not conference-related --
  • Check out Wufoo which makes it supersimple for anyone to create forms, mailing lists, and surveys to add to their website. There is a free version for low traffic. Caveat: the forms do take users off your web page -- apparently there is no way to use form as a pop-up.

  • I'm addicted to Lulu's Title Scorer.


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