Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday update

Margaret Daley
Margaret will be giving a talk on "Interweaving Faith into a Story" during the Faith, Hope and Love RWA chapter's miniconference on Wednesday.

Megan's Writer's Diary
Megan promises snark and incisive fashion commentary from the conference (RWA part of the post starts in the fifth paragraph down).

Janice Lynn
This year's conference is a very special one for Janice Lynn -- this is the year she will be one of the authors signing at the Literacy Bookfair!

Running With Quills
Jayne talks about the Literacy Bookfair and swears that no Green Ghost Margaritas shall be served until after the bookfair ends. Although her careful wording does make one wonder about the possibility of Green Ghosts being imbibed BEFORE the bookfair starts ....

Jaci Burton
The always engaging Jaci feels a little like Cinderella at the ball and reflects on how much has changed since she attended her first National conference last year.

Wet Noodle Posse
Tori's advice for those attending National. Personally I plan to give the Aussies a run for the money on the slacker end of the dressing bell curve. Shorts with PLEATS??

A Slice of Orange
Mary gives some ideas on anti-conference activities for those not attending National.

Romantically Inclined
Better late than never -- Jenna has a good overview up of the conference in this 10 July post. Don't neglect the comment trail either.

Just for fun
Wenlock and Amanda give con reports on the recent UK Romantic Novelists Association (RNA) conference.


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