Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Updates midday

The hotel is like a scene from Blade Runner. You walk in through a normal-sized doorway, walk ten steps and then the ceiling opens up and rises 500 feet above. All the rooms are on the outer walls of the building, there is an elevator shaft in the middle of the open space where you ride glass elevators into the air. I do not consider myself afraid of heights, but my knees did go weak watching the floors drop away, and I swear my ears popped on the way down this morning.

I am off to the Aquarium because, in my preconference insanity, I thought it would be nice to enjoy the Aquarium when it first opened in the morning. Of course when my alarm went off this morning, I cursed my idiocy. I forgot that it gets light later in the mornings in the south, so I awoke in darkness. Spent a half hour creeping around in the dark so as not to awaken my innocent roommate Marissa who has a far more sane approach to this morning than I.

Tons of updates to post; will do it around noon EST when I get back from my visit with the fishies.


At Wednesday, July 26, 2006 8:10:00 AM, Blogger Monica Burns said...

Ha! That'll teach you to share a room! LOL Don't expect to get much sleep here. I've had just four hours and I'm wired. Of course it could be those Milk Duds I ate before bedtime! LOL

Hope to get to meet you here in Atlanta.


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