Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tuesday evening updates

Send your love and prayers to Jaci Burton.

Corrina Law
The Bandwagon -- scroll down past large header and quote in large font to get to actual entry
Bebe Thomas
Bronwyn Jameson
CJ Barry & Samanta Graves
Jennifer Echols
Crystal Jordan
Eccelesiastes 12:12
Ember Case
Escape into our Fantasy
Janice Lynn
Jill Monroe
Judie's Journal
Karen's Blog
Kate Pearce's Blog -- go visit now, so her husband is proved wrong :)
Kristi's Road to Romance (Writing) -- notes from Kensington Spotlight
Laura Marie Altom's Book Blog
Mel-O-Drama -- Mel asks SEP the tough questions and gets dissed :)
Michelle Willingham -- notes from St. Martin's Spotlight
Randy's Random Rants, Raves and Ramblings and another
Cynthia Eden -- agents open to paranormal romance submissions (aren't they all??)
Avon Romance Blogspot (multiple entries)
Running with Quills
Sandy's Chatterblog
Write Minded
The Writers Vibe


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