Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tuesday morning updates

ERIN -- please email me your book choice and snail mail address.

792 visitors yesterday. Hello! :)
96 photos in my Flickr photostream -- will post more this week, but all are posted on this blog somewhere already (or will be). Except for maybe two. Because I am senile.

Odious Woman -- great post.

Jenna Petersen put up her day-by-day account here.


Remember the garden gnome from Amélie? Alesia begins her variation with a RITA.

Jill Shalvis
Writing Romance in the Closet
The Writing Playground
Romance Unleashed
Kelly Writes: Flickr photoset (16 photos at last view)
Katy Cooper -- this year's Workshop Chair, send her lots of thanks for the wonderful lineup we had!
He Wrote, She Wrote
Bronwyn Jameson
A Low Profile
Web Petals


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