Thursday, July 12, 2007

Day Two, Bebes

Updated 3x a day (at least)

RWA Official Blog: they changed the link on me, doh!

The Little Pink Clubhouse: PRO retreat, great speech by Lisa Kleypas, and more
Lia's Ramblings: Thursday Thirteen
Michelle Willingham: literacy fair
My Life in Black and White and Sometimes Gray: hobnobbing with the famous
Moods&Passions: sightseeing and why volunteering is a good thing
Musings from the Blonde Side: misc ramblings
Harlequin American Romance Authors: memories of a first sale at National
The Pink Heart Society: literacy signing
Randy Writes Romance: do not expect coherence
Deadline Divas: day two and already wiped out
HelenKay Dimon: Dallas is a lot livelier these days
spy scribbler: a day in the life

Pistols, Passions, and Potions: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
The Pink Heart Society: invading author rooms, and more
Sleeping with the Author: finally arrived

DeeCee Talks: when ditching a workshop is the right idea
Suzanne McMinn: book-signing-palooza and lotsa photos
Ramblings on Romance: more on Day One
The Misadventures of SuperLibrarian: book orgy
Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels: summit of bitchery and planetary implications
The Pink Heart Society: Thursday Thirteen (Goody Room version)
Sandy's Chatterblog: 20 free books and counting
Cosmos and Chat: one pic, more promised

Mel-O-Drama: Mission Diss
Being Bonnie Vanak: mystery solved and underwear; PAN notes; Ronda
The Mess in Progress: early morning observations
Bookends, LLC: Thursday at National
Risky Regencies: greetings from Dallas
WriteMinded: top ten reasons Shannon has never been to a National
At Home with Author Pamela Clare: Ronda/RWA
Salome's Corner: lost bags reappear and kisses are dispensed
A Low Profile: after one night on a sofa bed ..... and lots of great pics including a wonderful profile of The Hat
Alison Kent: who promises more pics soon
Crossed Wires: winner of the worst flight so far?
The Good, the Bad, and the Unread: quick update
Leeann Burke: quick recap

Romance by the Blog: several postings and lotsa pics, scroll to catch them all
Sandra's Goings On: fun, crazy times
Life on the Bubble: literacy signing

Mel-O-Drama: lotsa cleavage, consider yourself warned :)
The Pink Heart Society: the literacy signing, and the booksellers tea,
Being Bonnie Vanak: sad news and the literacy fair
No rules. Just write: first day recap
God Uses Broken Vessels: congrats to Angela!
Mess in Progress: no such thing as a free lunch or ....
DeeCee Talks: recap of the day
Jenna's Romantic Notions: Thursday Thirteen
Jill Shalvis: those scrupulous volunteers at the door of the literacy signing ...
Randy Writes Romance: and documents the ant situation
Random Ravings of a Romance Writer: first night at National
The Misadventures of SuperLibrarian: youngest librarian in the room
Dishing with the Divas: literacy signing and lotsa pics

Dear Author: tons of photos from literacy signing including the famous Sherrilyn Kenyon black swan hat (bless you, DA!); keeps scrolling, lots there
Books, Boys, Buzz: Marley does Dallas
Maya Reynolds: news from the front
Moods&Passions: "I haven't been so concerned about my appearance since my wedding day."
Maddie James: (scroll past book trailer) heels all week
DeeCee Talks: literacy signing
Abriendo Puertas: photos from literacy signing
Writing Playground: answers to your questions

CC-licensed photos: here (CC), here (CC) and here (CC)


At Thursday, July 12, 2007 2:25:00 AM, Blogger Angela Breidenbach said...

Hi all,
I'm one of those "others" today posting from the RWA conference. I am a late night poster. So if you've been to visit and not found it, you will now:-) I posted on both my blog and my group blog. You can find them at:

or with six authors at:

Thank you so much for including me in this fun reporting.

Angie Breidenbach
PS Come see what I won:-D Snoopy Dancing in Dallas!

At Thursday, July 12, 2007 6:15:00 AM, Blogger Jude said...

Hi Angie: I linked your post this morning. Congrats on the win! :)



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