Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day Two!

     CC-licensed photo taken in SF's Luggage Store gallery

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7:45 pm EST update

  1. SisterWriters: Cindy Nord, Golden Heart Finalist, Blogs from RWA in San Francisco
  2. Leeann Burke: RWA Literacy event
  3. Rambling on Romance: Reporting from RWA
  4. Jill Myles: Editor date
  5. Jocelynn Drake: RWA Conference
  6. Dark Territory: Going to the Rock
  7. Avon Romance Blog
    Margo Maguire At RWA
    Road To RWA
  8. A Little Cheese with that Whine?: Quick Update
  9. The Little Pink Clubhouse: Day Two, San Francisco: Is this hotel huge, or what?
  10. Working on Happily Ever After: I Am Here In San Francisco
  11. Dragon ~ A new beginning: RWA National Day 2.25 (10:45 am) News Flash
  12. Meljean Brook: It won’t surprise me at all if I forget my camera just because I took it out of the suitcase to get this picture.
4:30 pm EST update
  1. Rachel Vincent
    The other San Francisco (and my de-magnetic personality)
    San Francisco
  2. Bronwyn Parry: RWA conference, San Francisco
  3. Ciara Stewart: Joanna Bourne’s Desert Island Keepers video
  4. Melissa Blue: Confessions of a romance writer at National: part 1 of part 2
  5. Denise's Den: Busy, busy
  6. AAR Afterhours: RWA Conference Report: Part II
  7. Anaïs Nohant
    Oh BTW... met Portia Da Costa Yesterday
    Wait! THIS one looks more determined.
    Determined to MAKE Day 2 At RWA Con Awesome
  8. Writer's Diary: Reporting on RWA Wednesday
  9. WriteBrained: San Francisco on a Wednesday
  10. Jill Myles: No time!
1:45 pm EST update
  1. Kay Stockham: Party, party, party
  2. Musings and Scribbles: We're Off!
  3. Nobody Asked Me: Hailing All Frequencies
  4. The Pink Heart Society: Lit Signing & Sandra Marton's Pizza Party
  5. Ciara Stewart
    Kalen Hughes on Georgian and Regency Clothing
    Jocelyn Kelley on The Quest for the Holy Sale
  6. happy endings: RWA Nationals 2008 - Wednesday
  7. WriteMinded: Howdy from San Francisco
  8. The Debutante Ball: Launching…no time for recipes and I don’t cook anyway by Deb Danielle Younge-Ullman
  9. The Fictionistas: Interview with RITA Finalist Rosemary Clement-Moore
  10. The World According to Sandy James: I got my first sale ribbon yesterday
  11. dee's book dish...: Day Three - And the fun begins...
  12. Dragon ~ A new beginning: RWA Conference Day 0.5
  13. Bookends, LLC: Report from the Front--Thursday
  14. Dear Author
    Morning Day Two
    Even More Literacy Signing Pics
  15. Mel-O-Drama: text messages and voice votes
  16. for peaceful days and dreamy nights: RWA updates~~~
  17. Murder She Writes: At RWA
6:30 am EST updates
  1. Coffee in the Morning
    Literacy Signing
    Wednesday at RWA
  2. Dishing With the Divas: The Divas do RWA in Fog City, Wednesday
  3. Jennifer's Random Musings: Still in San Francisco…
  4. Nose in a book: MLM Girls Gone Wild!
  5. The Pink Heart Society
    RWA Goodie Room
    Heidi's Confessions of a Conference Virgin....
    Getting There Is Half The Fun
  6. Ramblings on Romance
    End of Day One of RWA
    RWA Day 1 Exhaustion
    Kristie here
  7. Romance Vagabonds: Lifetime Achievement Winners: The Founders and Shapers
  8. Tote Bags 'n' Blogs: Fan Girl Moments
  9. Bonnie Staring: RWA by any other name
  10. Melissa's Diary: RWA Conference - Wednesday - Daytime
  11. Romance Bandits: Party in San Fran!
  12. Stringing Beads: RWA National in San Francisco - July 30
  13. A Little Cheese with that Whine?: First Night in SFO
  14. Risky Regencies: Historical Writers Conference report
  15. The Little Pink Clubhouse
    San Francisco, Day One and a Half: The literacy signing is over. Plus, Susan Elizabeth Phillips is following me around!
    Yes, we’re here in the city by the bay: RWA National in San Francisco, Day 1
  16. Melissa Blue: Since it's not really confessions
  17. Emma Clair: Leadership Retreat at RWA
  18. dee's book dish...: Day Two - My pillow looks so nice...
  19. 2 B Read: Packing for Trips – What’s in Your Suitcase?
  20. The Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills: RWA National San Francisco
  21. Dear Author
    More literacy signing
    Some literacy signing pics
  22. Mona's Blog: Heading to RWA National Conference
  23. electric mist: RWA/San Francisco
  24. Smart Bitches, Trashy Novels: A Few RWA Conference Items
  25. Rachel Vincent: San Francisco
  26. Ally's Diary: RWA
  27. Working on Happily Ever After: Glorious Day 2
  28. Lisa Jackson: RWA
  29. Dragon ~ A new beginning: RWA National Conference Day -1
  30. WriteBrained: Hiking San Francisco
  31. AAR After Hours: RWA 2008 Conference Report: Part I
The Parallel Conferences (amazing stuff!)
  1. Paperback Writer: VW#4: World-Building II
  2. Romance Divas Forum: NGTCC :: Not Going To Conference Conference requires registration on site to participate in NGTCC


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