Thursday, July 10, 2008

Twenty days to go

              CC-licensed photo here.

  1. RWA National: Authors attending the literacy signing

  2. Pam Writes Romance: Prepping for Nationals: Location, location, location | Dressing for Success

  3. From the Heart ... Cheryl St. John: Tips from a Road Warrior By Blythe Gifford

  4. Wet Noodle Posse: Networking at Conferences--Really, it's not scary!

  5. On My Mind Today: Thirteen Things I Need to Finish Before I Leave for RWA's National Conference

  6. Naughty & Spice: Distracted | Shoes

  7. Pink Heart Society: Travelling Tuesday - Where's Wylie This Summer?

  8. Tote Bags 'n' Blogs: Bronwyn Jameson is Preparing for San Francisco

  9. A Slice of Orange: It's Worth It

  10. Coffee in the Morning: Blogging from the RWA Conference in San Francisco

  11. Meljean Brook: BART in San Francisco (or, how to get to RWA without using a taxi or worrying about catching a shuttle)

  12. Kathleen Dante: A-traveling I go

  13. Carolyn's Blog: your assistance highly desireable - MAKEOVER TIME!!

  14. 2 B Read: Be Careful What You Wish For

Who am I missing? Leave a comment on any post.


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