Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Day After

     CC-licensed photo at The Ferry Building in SF

Congratulations to all the winners of the RITA and Golden Heart.

Paperback Writer
Check out Lynn's post today (part of her Left Behind & Loving It series of virtual workshops held concurrently with the RWA National Conference). There's enough reading material in her posts and all the wonderful authors who contributed to last til next year's conference.

5:31 pm EST update
  1. AAR After Hours
    RWA National Conference: Part IV
    RWA Conference Report: Part III
    RWA Conference Report: Part II
  2. Debra's Blog: Post RWA photos
  3. The Lipstick Chronicles: I'm writing this from a Mac in my hotel room in San Francisco
  4. Aimless Ramblings about Living Life: RWA Literacy Signing
  5. Megan Crane: RWA-- Saturday, Day Five
2:32 pm EST update
  1. Beyond Her Book: RWA: Parties Up the Wazoo
  2. Elves Among Us: I might be stepping on Barbara Vey’s toes.
  3. Jill Myles: omg soooo tired
  4. Ciara Stewart: 2008 RWA award reception video clip
  5. Melissa Blue: Last confessions
  6. dee's book dish...
    Day LAST - Kristan's win
    Day LAST - Leaving SF, but not without my heart
  7. Casablanca Authors: Taking a Moment...
  8. swamp and the city: money money money -- ain't it funny
  9. A Low Profile: Airport Quickie
11:44 am EST
  1. Writer's Diary: Saturday Report
  2. Coffee in the Morning: Star Struck
  3. Caridad Pineiro: Crazy Saturday - Blogging from RWA National! NSFW banner
  4. Jennifer's Random Musings: Heading Home…
  5. Melissa Marr: Quick thank you note (WL won the YA RITA)
  6. Nobody asked me... : RWA Fieldtrip
  7. Ramblings on Romance: Day Three of RWA and All Those Lovely Book Singings
  8. StoryBroads...It's All Good: Newsflash!
  9. Trish Milburn & Tricia Mills: Dancing the night away and awards night
  10. Wet Noodle Posse: While We're Waiting
  11. Romance Reviews Today Blog: Saturday and final day at the conference!
  12. Ciara Stewart: 2008 RITA and Golden Heart Awards
  13. Books, Boys, Buzz...: Nationals Wrap Up
  14. Romance Bandits: Running Amok at RWA National...
  15. Stringing Beads: RWA National in San Francisco - August 2
  16. The Little Pink Clubhouse
    San Francisco: Scream of joy — Kristan wins the single title RITA!
    San Francisco: A day late and — well, I still have some money left, don’t I?
  17. Denise's Den: Almost done scroll past revolving slideshow
  18. The World According to Sandy James: My roomie — Kay Cassidy — won the Golden Heart for Young Adult Romance!!!
  19. dee's book dish...: Golden Heart Winners
  20. Lisa Jackson: Alpha males, fantasy men vs. real guys
  21. Working on Happily Ever After: Day 4 RWA--Icing on the Cake
  22. SisterWriters: Cindy Nord Blogs Day Four of RWA Nationals
  23. Meljean Brook: Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.
  24. Dear Author: Lifetime Achievement Author - Vicki Lewis Thompson


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