Friday, August 01, 2008

Day Three

     CC-licensed photo taken in SF's Farmer's Market

The Today Show clip
(thanks Taryn!)
Definitely a mixed bag in terms of what they aired -- basic facts about romance's popularity side-by-side with some really tired stereotypes underlined in a way that does not give a balanced picture of the romance market, authors, and readers -- clinch covers! we read them for the sex scenes! *sigh*

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10:41 pm EST update
  1. Writer's Diary: ThursdayFriday RWA
  2. Ember Case: San Francisco Day 2
  3. A Low Profile
    RWA: Literacy Signing
    RWA: Roadtrip! Adventure! Shopping!
    RWA: Amazing Stuff You'll Never Hear
    RWA Quickie 2: Sharing 2 Rooms With Authors
    RWA: Authors B4 Signing
    RWA: I Was Sitting With Some Pals, And a 500-lb Man Fell Down At My Feet....
    What, Me Stuck At Atlanta? No!
    Uber Author Preparations
    Virtually, like, Almost Time
  4. Melissa's Diary: RWA Conference - Friday - day
9:33 pm EST update
  1. Mel-O-Drama: tried to keep it a secret
  2. Web Petals: The Today Show (and old friends)!
  3. Coffee in the Morning
    Moonlight Madness Bazaar
    The room
  4. Romance Reviews Today Blog: Thursday at Conference
  5. dee's book dish...
    Day Four - ok, ok, I'll tell you how it went...
    Day Four - Dinner with The Cherries
5:13 pm EST update
  1. Nathan Bransford - Literary Agent: This Week in Publishing
  2. Ahhhhh Romance!
    My Trip to San Francisco music will play automatically for some browsers/settings
    Finally! The San Francisco Trip Post
  3. Nose in a book: Friday, August 1st
  4. Melissa Blue: Confessions of a romance author at National: part 3
  5. Denise's Den: Whew scroll down past revolving fixed element
3:06 pm EST update
  1. Blogging the Fading Lands: Quick Update from San Francisco
  2. Wet Noodle Posse: Making History (abbreviated version)
  3. Jill Myles: Conference is all about the free books, baby!
  4. dee's book dish.....: Day Four - I didn't even blog yesterday!
  5. Lisa Jackson: Butterfinger, the winner & RWA
1:30 pm EST update
  1. Beyond Her Book
    RWA: Cupcakes and Pajama Parties
    RWA: Romance and Literacy
    RWA: Cold Weather, Warm Greetings
  2. happy endings: RWA Nationals 2008 - First 2 Parties
  3. Emma Clair: Victoria Alexander was a HOOT
  4. The Little Pink Clubhouse: Day Three, San Francisco: Sleep. It’s A Good Thing.
  5. The World According to Sandy James: Women who are thirty-fourteen should not get homesick
12:36 pm EST update
  1. Ally's Diary: Mini blog: RWA/Kepler's signing
  2. Risky Regencies: Extroverted Introvert
  3. Ember Case: Conference update - Wed, Arrival day
  4. l_prieto: rwa: day . . . three?
  5. Rambling on Romance: Cameo in the Today Show segment
  6. Ciara Stewart: Meredith Duran’s Desert Island Keepers
  7. Bookends, LLC: Report from the Front--Friday
  8. Dear Author: The Today Show
  9. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: Good Morning Today Show Folks
9:25 am EST update
  1. Plot Monkeys: Jungle Madness from San Francisco
  2. F. A. I. T. H. Following.Always.Intently.Trusting.Him.: WOOO---WHOOOO!!!!
  3. Karen Foley
    A Blazing Good Time!
    Booksigning in San Francisco
  4. Killer Fiction
    Words of Wisdom from a Wise Woman
    I Wanna Go Back To My City By The Bayayayay...
  5. SisterWriters: Golden Heart Finalist Blogs Nationals...Thursday
  6. The Misadventures of Super_Librarian: Blazin' Fun
6:10 am EST update
  1. Coffee in the Morning: Thursday at RWA
  2. Dishing With the Divas: The Divas do RWA in Fog City, Thursday
  3. The Pink Heart Society: Breaking News!
  4. Ramblings on Romance: End of Day Two (or is it day three?) of RWA
  5. Trish Milburn & Tricia Mills: More conference highlights
  6. Beth Yarnall: Terribly naughty things (another pin I got)
  7. Romance Reviews Today Blog: More from the conference....
  8. Ciara Stewart
    Sherrilyn Kenyon Pre-launch Party
    2008 RWA Literacy Autographing
  9. Romance Writer's Revenge: Who Needs Alcohol When You Have Sleep Deprivation
  10. Bonnie Staring: RWA Day 2
  11. Books, Boys, Buzz...: Buzzin' in the Bay
  12. Melissa's Diary
    RWA Conference - Thursday
    RWA Conference - Wednesday - Evening
  13. Romance Bandits: Whose Shoes Were Those?
  14. A Little Cheese with that Whine?: ...And You Thought The Line for Nora was Long
  15. The Fictionistas: Interview with RITA finalist Maureen Johnson
  16. Working on Happily Ever After: Dream Big Write Big
  17. Pub Rants: Report From The Floor (RWA 2008)
  18. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: RWA: Random Pieces of the Day
  19. The Misadventures of Super_Librarian: Hello There Sexy
  20. Manuscript Mavens: My Heart (and More's) in San Francisco
  21. Michelle McGinnis: Hello RWA Conference Friends!
  22. swamp and the city: Observations
The Parallel Conferences (amazing stuff!)
  1. Paperback Writer: VW #5: Styling
  2. Romance Divas Forum: NGTCC :: Not Going To Conference Conference requires registration on site to participate in NGTCC


At Friday, August 01, 2008 11:29:00 AM, Blogger Taryn Raye said...

I got an email telling me about it right as The Today Show was supposed to come on here, so I watched the entire show, though I usually watch Good Morning America...never saw a thing.

I'm a RWA member and belong to the KYRW chapter and since I'm not in San Fran, I was hoping to catch a glimpse...nope- didn't happen. If I find out why I'll be sure to post back.

Holly Raye Marsh w/a Taryn Raye

At Friday, August 01, 2008 11:44:00 AM, Blogger Taryn Raye said...

Is this what should have aired?

At Friday, August 01, 2008 10:07:00 PM, Blogger Mel Francis said...

I love that you're linking me like I'm really there. LOL of course, I was really there, thanks to my ability to photoshop, er, teleport I mean...

At Friday, August 01, 2008 10:15:00 PM, Blogger Jude said...

You are too funny not to link to. :)


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