Sunday, August 10, 2008

See you next year!

               CC-licensed photo taken of the Golden Gate Bridge

Today is the final day of updates to Blogging National until next July. Many bloggers will continue to post on the conference after this weekend, so remember to bookmark or subscribe to your favorites.

  1. Jessica Prater's Prattles: RWA Conference
  2. The Naughty Lady from Shady Lane: RWA day 3, meetings and parties galore
  3. Kay Stockham: Another batch
  4. Books, Boys, Buzz...: TLC's SF Recap
  5. Linda's Muse: Maybe Hollywood
  6. Fiorella Plum: The Ratty Gora Strikes Again
  7. The Writer Side of Life: Seattle to San Francisco by Rail
  8. Flights of Fancy: Out-of-Town Monday: Fisherman's Wharf
11:01 am update
  1. The Naughty Lady from Shady Lane: RWA day two, San Francisco and the literacy signing
  2. Denise Swanson's Amazon Blog: RWA National Conference
  3. Margaret Daley: RWA conference/sights of San Francisco
  4. FreshFiction...for today's reader: Sara Reyes | Bridging the World | Scenic Travels, Thousand Authors, TONS of books!!!
  5. Alyssa's Book Blog: Literacy Signing
  6. A Slice of Orange: It's Worth It
  7. Trish Milburn & Tricia Mills: Banditas, Banditas everywhere!
  8. Craftie Ladies of Suspense: RWA conference and pictures
  9. Romance Bandits: Out and About
  10. Stringing Beads: Things I Learned in San Francisco - RWA National
  11. Risky Regencies: RWA Wrap-Up, etc.
  12. Working on Happily Ever After: Cherry Bombs in San Francisco
  13. Writerly Ramblings: Thoughts on RWA National


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