Tuesday, August 05, 2008


     CC-licensed photo taken in Haight Ashbury

Three cheers to Melissa Blue who added 30 pictures and Ember Case who added 36 pictures to the RWA National 2008 group photo pool on Flickr.

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8:17 pm EST update
  1. Doublecheese: Back again, gone again
  2. Nathan Bransford - Literary Agent: Me and Romance
  3. Pub Rants: RWA Panel Extra (Bonus Material Blog Entry)
  4. Authorial, agently and personal ramblings: From the Take 5 panel
  5. FreshFiction...for today's reader: Allie Pleiter | I think I have a writing disability.
  6. Caridad Pineiro: Tuesday Tips - Traveling without the Mess NSFW banner
  7. Melissa Marr: Washington Post, Jung, & Random Notes
  8. WriteBrained: RWA 2008—Conference Report, Part 1
  9. Plot Monkeys: Finally! RWA Reports!
  10. Tanya writes romance: Tanya Writes About the National RWA Conference
  11. Dark Territory: The horrifying true story of a girl with no internet
  12. The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick: RWA 2008 Conference Revisited
  13. A Little Cheese with that Whine?: The Best Thing About Conference
  14. The Fictionistas: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
  15. HelenKay Dimon: RWA Wrap-Up
  16. Work In Progress: I promised pictures... [and a giveaway]
  17. Indulge Yourself: RWA Day WhateverTheHeckItWas Plus Every Day Since
  18. Elves Among Us
    And I’ll take the even higher road…
    You take the high road…
  19. Megan Crane: Post-RWA
  20. Patti's Page: RWA Nationals - Part 2 of 4
5:42 am EST update
  1. Jax's Artistic Journey: What did I take away from San Francisco?
  2. the dish
    Lovely Rita!!
    RWA National: Day 3 Recap
    RWA National: Day 2 Recap
    RWA National: Day 1 Recap
    RWA Bed Bandit Strikes Again!
  3. Jocelynn Drake: RWA Conference: Part 2
  4. Melissa's Diary: RWA Conference - Saturday
  5. The Red Chair: RWA Conference 2008
  6. Patti's Page: RWA Convention - Part 1 of 4
  7. Katy Cooper: More later
  8. Anaïs Nohant: 2008 RWA Conference: Summary, Desiderium And Other Thoughts
  9. Leeann Burke: Another RWA National conference has come and gone
  10. Lillian Feisty: Back NSFW graphic/banner
  11. Melissa Marr: San Francisco (incl RWA) ramblings
  12. 2 B Read: I Left My Brain In San Francisco
  13. Jill Myles
    Saturday RWA Photos
    More RWA pictures - Friday Edition
  14. The Writing Playground: I'm Back!
  15. Beth Yarnall: It’s my process i’ll cry if i want to
  16. Sara Reinke: There's an old dance club song that goes...
  17. Romance Bandits: Jennie Lucas and Trish Morey - Overheard At RWA
  18. Risky Regencies: Bertie at the Beau Monde
  19. The Little Pink Clubhouse
    Day Three and Three-quarters: Romance authors can cut the rug, baybee
    Day Three and a Half: Got books, will fly home at some point
  20. Ally's Diary: Last week...in pictures
  21. A Low Profile: RWA Loot
  22. Aphrodisia Authors: Thinking about friends… NSFW images
  23. Manuscript Mavens: San Francisco Photo Album


At Wednesday, August 06, 2008 9:08:00 AM, Blogger Joanne Rendell said...

I'll let you know when the Salon piece runs. Thanks!


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