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Friday, July 17

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Not a lot being posted. Hard to blog when you're burning the candle at both ends. :)

7:30 pm update (final update for today)
Romantic Times magazine: RT at RWA 2009: Kathe Robin's Fans
Pub Rants: News From The Floor
Heart to Heart: That's What She Said
Stringing Beads: AGM, Workshops, & Death by Chocolate
Writer's Diary: Reporting from RWA
The Writing Playground: Everybody Dance Now

4:45 pm update
Romantic Times magazine: RT at RWA 2009: Kathe Robin's Fans
Pub Rants: News From The Floor

1:45 pm update
Babbling about Books, and More: 2009 RWA Nationals- Day Two *Author Signing and Mho Gets Some Love*
Being Bonnie Vanak: Books, books, books at HQ signing
Kelly Writes: RWA - Wednesday and Thursday
A Low Profile: (scroll down) Rommance Quote For The Day
Mitzi Writes: Friday Morning
Plotmonkeys: Jungle Madness Friday
Ramblings on Romance, Etc.: Day 5, Part 1
Smart Bitches, Trashy Novels: RWA Mini Recap
Story Broads: Having a Blast!
I Am Procrastinating: RWA Conference Check In
Romance University: Adrienne’s Special Report from DC
PW: Beyond Her Book: RWA: Death by Chocolate
Scorched Sheets: Rogue Digital Workshop

11:30 am update
DeeCeeTalks: Ahhh... The Cherries!
Plots and Thoughts: RWA Updates--Thursdays
Caridad Pineiro: Rebels at RWA
Sizzling Pens: Live from DC (kind of)
Bookends, LLC: RWA--Friday--Publishing News
The Misadventures of Super Librarian: Live From D.C. It's Jerry Springer!

7:00 am update
The Goddess Blogs: Why I LOVE RWA
Mitzi Writes: Moonlight Madness | From the Basement to the Penthouse
The Pink Heart Society: Romance Authors take Washington Post by storm
Ramblings on Romance Etcetera, Etcetera : Day 4
Romance Bandits: The Do’s and Don’ts of Conferences
Ramblings about Books and Book Love : RWA Day 1+
Romance Times magazine: RT at RWA 2009: Meeting Authors

GREAT parallel conferences on the Web
Paperback Writer: Left Behind and Loving It
Galaxy Express: Parallel Universe
Trish Wylie: Not At Nationals
Red Neck Romance: Not Going to Conference
Romance Divas: Not Going to Conference (requires log-in)
In August: The Muse Online Conference


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