Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday, 22 July

CC-licensed photo via Flickr.
Victoria Janssen: RWA National Conference 2009 Report, Part One | RWA National Conference 2009 Report, Part Two
AccessRomance: FanGirl in DC!
Being Bonnie Vanak: What I learned at RWA 09
Brianna's Mommy: Passionate Ink speech
DeeCeeTalks: There's a Mouse in my House
The Goddess Blogs: So Not Me
Gossamer Obsessions: AnimeJune's Big-Ass RWA Post: Sunday - "Afterglow" | AnimeJune's Big-Ass RWA Post: Saturday - "The Forbidden Fire Alarm and the Angry Marine's Virgin Blogger Mistress"
NineteenTeen: Blogging from RWA National, Part 3: History Geeks on the Loose
Shaymless Aymless's Thoughts on Books and Life : RWA in Reflection
The Misadventures of Super_Librarian: Photographic Evidence


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