Sunday, August 10, 2008

See you next year!

               CC-licensed photo taken of the Golden Gate Bridge

Today is the final day of updates to Blogging National until next July. Many bloggers will continue to post on the conference after this weekend, so remember to bookmark or subscribe to your favorites.

  1. Jessica Prater's Prattles: RWA Conference
  2. The Naughty Lady from Shady Lane: RWA day 3, meetings and parties galore
  3. Kay Stockham: Another batch
  4. Books, Boys, Buzz...: TLC's SF Recap
  5. Linda's Muse: Maybe Hollywood
  6. Fiorella Plum: The Ratty Gora Strikes Again
  7. The Writer Side of Life: Seattle to San Francisco by Rail
  8. Flights of Fancy: Out-of-Town Monday: Fisherman's Wharf
11:01 am update
  1. The Naughty Lady from Shady Lane: RWA day two, San Francisco and the literacy signing
  2. Denise Swanson's Amazon Blog: RWA National Conference
  3. Margaret Daley: RWA conference/sights of San Francisco
  4. FreshFiction...for today's reader: Sara Reyes | Bridging the World | Scenic Travels, Thousand Authors, TONS of books!!!
  5. Alyssa's Book Blog: Literacy Signing
  6. A Slice of Orange: It's Worth It
  7. Trish Milburn & Tricia Mills: Banditas, Banditas everywhere!
  8. Craftie Ladies of Suspense: RWA conference and pictures
  9. Romance Bandits: Out and About
  10. Stringing Beads: Things I Learned in San Francisco - RWA National
  11. Risky Regencies: RWA Wrap-Up, etc.
  12. Working on Happily Ever After: Cherry Bombs in San Francisco
  13. Writerly Ramblings: Thoughts on RWA National

Friday, August 08, 2008


               CC-licensed photo taken of an F Market & Wharves line trolley
  1. Nalini Singh
    RWA Conference Photos Part III
    More Conference Photos
    RWA Conference
  2. Jackie Powers
    RWA Conference Addendum
    RWA Conference #3: Trains and Allergies
    RWA Conference #2: Books & More Books
    RWA Conference #1:Trains & Buses
  3. Rae Ann Parker
    RWA Conference - Part Two
    RWA 2008 - San Francisco
  4. Crystal Jordan: Pre RWA
  5. Terry's Place
    More bits and pieces from RWA and San Francisco
    Touching Base
  6. Colorado Vixens: Nuggets from the 2008 RWA Conference
  7. Marie Sullivan Force
    More Photos From San Francisco
    Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming
    My Life is Now Complete
  8. Romance in the Kitchen: RWA Nationals in San Francisco
  9. Trish Milburn & Tricia Mills: Book winners and more San Fran pics
  10. Books, Boys, Buzz...: Pics, pics, pics...and your opinion!
  11. Romance Bandits: Bay City Banditas
  12. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: Two More LOLRWAs For Your Saturday
  13. Slip Into Something Victorian: Tuesday 10: What I learned at RWA National
  14. Janice Lynn
    RWA National Conference 2008
    2008 RWA National Conference more pictures
  15. IMHO (In My Humble Opinion): RWA 2008 National Conference report
  16. aunty cindy explains it all: Gimme Five! Things About RWA National
  17. Barb Webb: San Francisco ~ RWA National Conference '08
  18. Mona's Blog: More on RWA 2008
  19. Romance Writers on the Journey: RWA National Conference Highlights
  20. Author's Studio: An Introvert's Experience at RWA National Conference
  21. Tawny Taylor: Market updates from RWA
  22. The Darcy Saga: My adventure at the Sourcebooks Author's Dinner
  23. Shauna Roberts' For Love Of Words: RWA conference highlights
  24. Julie Anne Long: The RWA Conference: highlights, and a pictorial of sorts. Also ...
  25. Wax Creative: The RWA Conference - My first time (Part One)
  26. Beneath a Silent Moon: RWA Conference Musings
  27. The Kittens: Kittens Do San Francisco
  28. Elizabeth Boyle: I left my heart in San Francisco, but I did bring my husband home
  29. Jane Porter: San Fran
  30. Pam Rosenthal: RWA National (for shy people)
  31. Steve Cotler's Irrepressibly True Tales: Romance Writers of America Conference — San Francisco, July 2008
  32. The Gina Channel
    Conference Wrapup
    Conference Day Three
    Let's Do the Time Warp Again
    RWA Swag
    Sold Out!


               CC-licensed photo taken of the Cargill Salt Ponds in SF Bay
  1. The Naughty Lady from Shady Lane: RWA, day one. Our big adventure begins!
  2. Avery Beck's Blog: Pics!
  3. Muse Interrupted: 08-08-08 — And Conference Pictures
  4. Crystal Green: Adventures at RWA
  5. Alyssa's Book Blog: Came Home to Find . . .
  6. Kay Stockham
    More pics
    Home again, home again
  7. Leeann Burke: Busy weekend!
  8. Murder She Writes: Post RWA
  9. On My Mind Today: In My Opinion ...
  10. Pam Writes Romance: RWA Nationals: I’m ba-ack!
  11. The Pink Heart Society: Conference Wind Down: Hits and Highlights
  12. Trish Milburn & Tricia Mills: Home Sweet Home!
  13. 2 B Read: Back from Nationals, or what Victorian Women REALLY wore under their skirts
  14. The Writing Playground: It Really Does Happen
  15. Craftie Ladies of Suspense: Back from RWA in San Francisco!
  16. Kwana Blogs: Party Time
  17. Romance Writer's Revenge: Conference Afterglow
  18. happy endings: RWA Nationals 2008: Before I Forget it All
  19. Melissa's Diary: RWA Conference - Video
  20. Romance Bandits: No Rest for the Weary...or is it the Wicked?
  21. Avon Romance Blog: Road Trip Update
  22. A Little Cheese with that Whine?: Workshops-Sex and the Single Title
  23. Risky Regencies: More Risky Pix!
  24. Anne Barton's Blog
    Conference Photos and Link
    Snippets from San Francisco - Part 3
  25. Flights-a-Fancy: RWA Conference Report
  26. Mona's Blog: RWA Workshops
  27. After Hours: RWA: My Story
  28. Karen Foley: More Pics from San Francisco
  29. Killer Fiction: I wish it were just a hangover…
  30. Author Jill Shalvis: Oh San Francisco
  31. Michelle Willingham: Last few RWA pictures
  32. Tawny Weber: Fabulous Friends
  33. Author Talk
    Vicki Lewis Thompson Author Talk Interview #10
    An End To The Chastisement

Thursday, August 07, 2008


               CC-licensed photo taken in SF

8:41 pm EST update
  1. Muse Interrupted: Penny’s First Booksigning
  2. Naughty and Spice Blog: Pics from San Francisco!
  3. A Slice of Orange: Things that make me go mmmruh!
  4. Books, Boys, Buzz...: Sometimes it doesn't hurt to lose
  5. Claire Baxter: RWA Nationals
  6. Heather Webber: Yes, I'm Alive!
  7. Hope Tarr's Semi-Blog: Puttin' on the Ritz
  8. Anne Barton's Blog: Snippets from San Francisco - Part 2
  9. The Go-Ahead: Adventures in San Francisco
  10. Farrah Rochon: RWA National Conference - The Book Signing
  11. HelenKay Dimon: Conference Photos
  12. Killer Fiction: Honey! I'm Home!
  13. A Low Profile: RWA 2008: An Uber Pictorial Story
  14. Elves Among Us
    The Shoe Revue index
    The last of the shoes!
    And we’ll definitely get there before you.
  15. Megan Crane: And... Yes, More Pictures from RWA
  16. Michelle Willingham: More RWA Photos
  17. Tawny Weber
    RWA’s Literacy Signing
    National Rocked
  18. Aphrodisia Authors: Home again, home again NSFW banner
  19. Abriendo Puertas: Better this year? Really?
  20. Mission: Publication: Why I Loved This Year's RWA Conference, Part IV
  21. the dish: Whither High Concept?
  22. Patti's Page
    RWA Nationals, Part 4 of 4
    RWA Nationals Part 3 of 4
  23. Marjorie M. Liu: I have a cold
8:47 am update (about 2/3 caught up from yesterday's backlog)
  1. Avery Beck's Blog: Highlights from San Fran
  2. First Edition: A Place for Originals: The YA Conference Chronicles
  3. Lillian Feisty: Feisty in the headlights NSFW banner
  4. Access Romance: What every reader should know before going to RWA
  5. Ramblings on Romance: RWA – Memories – Part 2
  6. A Slice of Orange: RWA Forever!
  7. Tanya's Issues: San Francisco Photo Album
  8. Tote Bags 'n' Blogs: Harlequin Party Report
  9. WriteBrained: RWA 2008—Conference Report, Part 2
  10. The Writing Playground: Tony was Right
  11. Plot Monkeys
    My Conference "Squee" Moment & Other Stuff
    Paula’s Report from RWA and a Special Request
  12. Beth Yarnall: me and nora bff’s 4ever
  13. Kwana Blogs: Inspiration for Life
  14. Ciara Stewart
    Kate Duffy says "Get off the Internet and write!!"
    A girl walks into a bar…
  15. Romance Writer's Revenge: Conference Induced Vertigo
  16. edittorrent: Post-Conference Coma
  17. Bonnie Staring: Still recovering from RWA
  18. Brava Authors: At The Conference
  19. Books, Boys, Buzz...: Buzz Panel, Zingari and Harlequin Party --Dona's Conference Highlights
  20. Melissa's Diary: Post-conference post
  21. Romance Bandits: Give a Girl Some ROOM!
  22. Elisabeth Naughton: San Francisco Literacy Signing
  23. Stringing Beads: RWA National in San Francisco - August 1 & 2
  24. A Little Cheese with that Whine?: Workshops- Dialogue
  25. Alexis Fleming: More on the conference.
  26. The Debutante Ball
    Toronto, San Francisco, Toronto, New York, Toronto…whew! by Deb Danielle Younge-Ullman
    Conference continued
  27. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: LOLRWA

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


     CC-licensed photo taken Fisherman's Wharf

Unfortunately Blogger was not allowing saving/publishing until a few minutes ago, so I've missed my morning window for posting. Check back this evening (EST).

8:15 pm: Bloglines is down now. I think today is jinxed. Lots of posts tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


     CC-licensed photo taken in Haight Ashbury

Three cheers to Melissa Blue who added 30 pictures and Ember Case who added 36 pictures to the RWA National 2008 group photo pool on Flickr.

CTL-Refresh to see latest updates or set reader sub to show updates. Will begin winding down with fewer updates a day.

8:17 pm EST update
  1. Doublecheese: Back again, gone again
  2. Nathan Bransford - Literary Agent: Me and Romance
  3. Pub Rants: RWA Panel Extra (Bonus Material Blog Entry)
  4. Authorial, agently and personal ramblings: From the Take 5 panel
  5. FreshFiction...for today's reader: Allie Pleiter | I think I have a writing disability.
  6. Caridad Pineiro: Tuesday Tips - Traveling without the Mess NSFW banner
  7. Melissa Marr: Washington Post, Jung, & Random Notes
  8. WriteBrained: RWA 2008—Conference Report, Part 1
  9. Plot Monkeys: Finally! RWA Reports!
  10. Tanya writes romance: Tanya Writes About the National RWA Conference
  11. Dark Territory: The horrifying true story of a girl with no internet
  12. The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick: RWA 2008 Conference Revisited
  13. A Little Cheese with that Whine?: The Best Thing About Conference
  14. The Fictionistas: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
  15. HelenKay Dimon: RWA Wrap-Up
  16. Work In Progress: I promised pictures... [and a giveaway]
  17. Indulge Yourself: RWA Day WhateverTheHeckItWas Plus Every Day Since
  18. Elves Among Us
    And I’ll take the even higher road…
    You take the high road…
  19. Megan Crane: Post-RWA
  20. Patti's Page: RWA Nationals - Part 2 of 4
5:42 am EST update
  1. Jax's Artistic Journey: What did I take away from San Francisco?
  2. the dish
    Lovely Rita!!
    RWA National: Day 3 Recap
    RWA National: Day 2 Recap
    RWA National: Day 1 Recap
    RWA Bed Bandit Strikes Again!
  3. Jocelynn Drake: RWA Conference: Part 2
  4. Melissa's Diary: RWA Conference - Saturday
  5. The Red Chair: RWA Conference 2008
  6. Patti's Page: RWA Convention - Part 1 of 4
  7. Katy Cooper: More later
  8. Anaïs Nohant: 2008 RWA Conference: Summary, Desiderium And Other Thoughts
  9. Leeann Burke: Another RWA National conference has come and gone
  10. Lillian Feisty: Back NSFW graphic/banner
  11. Melissa Marr: San Francisco (incl RWA) ramblings
  12. 2 B Read: I Left My Brain In San Francisco
  13. Jill Myles
    Saturday RWA Photos
    More RWA pictures - Friday Edition
  14. The Writing Playground: I'm Back!
  15. Beth Yarnall: It’s my process i’ll cry if i want to
  16. Sara Reinke: There's an old dance club song that goes...
  17. Romance Bandits: Jennie Lucas and Trish Morey - Overheard At RWA
  18. Risky Regencies: Bertie at the Beau Monde
  19. The Little Pink Clubhouse
    Day Three and Three-quarters: Romance authors can cut the rug, baybee
    Day Three and a Half: Got books, will fly home at some point
  20. Ally's Diary: Last pictures
  21. A Low Profile: RWA Loot
  22. Aphrodisia Authors: Thinking about friends… NSFW images
  23. Manuscript Mavens: San Francisco Photo Album

Monday, August 04, 2008


     CC-licensed photo taken of wild parrot in SF

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8:08 pm EST update
  1. Mission: Publication: Why I Loved This Year's RWA Conference, Part III
  2. Teri Brown Writes!: RWA National Highlights
  3. Gillian Doyle: RWA Conference
  4. Tracy Montoya: 20 Things I learned at the RWA National Conference in San Francisco you may need to scroll down to find entry
  5. Muse Interrupted: Conference Wrap-Up…Sort Of
  6. Romance Reviews Today Blog: Reflections on the Conference - My Top Ten list
  7. Elisabeth Naughton: Home Again, Home Again
  8. Working on Happily Ever After: Post Conference Blues
  9. Elves Among Us: Shoe Review Seven - White Out
  10. Abriendo Puertas: For people who wear sweats and t-shirts most of the year
  11. Meljean Brook: I didn’t forget my camera, but I also didn’t take a single picture (Part I, because I do like to go on.)
6:41 pm EST update
  1. Nathan Bransford - Literary Agent: RWA Recap
  2. Jill Myles
    RWA Literacy Signing Pictures
    Pictures from the first 2 days
  3. Craftie Ladies of Suspense: I'm BACK
  4. Hope Tarr's Semi-Blog: Back from San Francisco
  5. Elves Among Us: RWA Peoples
  6. Writerly Ramblings: National Pix
4:21 pm EST update
  1. Jill Monroe: RWA is Over--About to Leave LA
  2. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: Thirteen Things That Are Awesome About National
  3. Coffee in the Morning: RITA Awards
  4. Ember Case
    Friday at conference
    San Francisco, Day Two
    Conference – Arrival day
  5. First Edition: A Place for Originals: Recovery
  6. Jennifer's Random Musings: I’m Back…and a winner!
  7. Rambling on Romance: RWA - The memories - Part 1
  8. StoryBroads...It's All Good: YIPPEE!!!! (Anne Stuart)
  9. Kwana Blogs: I Left My Heart...
  10. Risky Regencies: I think I left my heart in San Francisco
  11. Anne Barton: Snippets from San Francisco
  12. The World According to Sandy James: Post mortem… Nationals was truly a wonderful experience
  13. Elves Among Us: Barbara Vey forgives me.
1:20 pm EST update
  1. Michelle Willingham: Harlequin Historical Tea, Garden Photos
  2. Magical Musings: Nationals - San Francisco
  3. Brava Authors: San Francisco
  4. The Misadventures of Super_Librarian: Last Random Tid Bits About RWA
  5. Murder She Writes: I’m Late But I’m Here!
  6. Nose in a book: ManLove Monday: Photos have nothing to do with post.
  7. Bonnie Staring: RWA recap
  8. Work In Progress: Catching up
  9. Elves Among Us: Shoe Review Six - Click your heels three times…
11:44 am EST update
  1. Mental Note: RWA Conference 2008, San Francisco
  2. Alive & Knitting: If You’re Going to San Francisco…
  3. Jill Myles: More RWA thinking
  4. Wickedly Romantic: Back from RWA small NSFW image
  5. Dear Author: My 2008 RWA Report
  6. Mel-O-Drama: it's that time again... NSFW cleavage pics
10:06 am EST update
  1. Jill Myles: Lemme think
  2. Sizzling Pens: RWA
  3. Writerly Ramblings: Back from Nationals
7:26 am EST update
  1. Abriendo Puertas
    Farewell San Francisco
  2. EREC: The Obligatory RWA problems
  3. Casablanca Authors: A Break From Reality
  4. Mission: Publication
    Why I Loved This Year's RWA Conference, Part Deux
    One Degree of Separation (aka Why I Loved This Year's RWA Conference, Part I)
7:04 am EST update
  1. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: And that’s our coverage
  2. for peaceful days and dreamy nights: RWA 2008 reflection
  3. Kay Stockham: Touring
  4. Naughty and Spice Blog: Honey, I’m home
  5. Ramblings on Romance: I am the Reader, The Blogger and Finally the Writer...
  6. sula's space: RWA wrap-up
  7. Plot Monkeys: I Left my Mind in San Francisco
  8. Ciara Stewart
    2008 RWA highlights
    2008 RWA Publisher Book Signing
  9. Melissa's Diary: RWA Conference - Friday - night
  10. A Little Cheese with that Whine?: Home Sweet Home
  11. The Little Pink Clubhouse: RWA National: I’m home.
  12. Emma Clair: Editor Pitch + Awards Ceremony
  13. The World According to Sandy James: To quote the late John Denver
  14. electric mist: fantastic trip
  15. Karen Foley: Please Turn Off All Personal Electronic Devices...
  16. A Low Profile: Post #2: Squee! Bumped Into A Goddess On A Delta Flight!
  17. Jill Shalvis: An airport fairytale
  18. Michelle Willingham: Harlequin Historical Breakfast

Paperback Writer: VW#8: Ask PBW Anything

Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Day After

     CC-licensed photo at The Ferry Building in SF

Congratulations to all the winners of the RITA and Golden Heart.

Paperback Writer
Check out Lynn's post today (part of her Left Behind & Loving It series of virtual workshops held concurrently with the RWA National Conference). There's enough reading material in her posts and all the wonderful authors who contributed to last til next year's conference.

5:31 pm EST update
  1. AAR After Hours
    RWA National Conference: Part IV
    RWA Conference Report: Part III
    RWA Conference Report: Part II
  2. Debra's Blog: Post RWA photos
  3. The Lipstick Chronicles: I'm writing this from a Mac in my hotel room in San Francisco
  4. Aimless Ramblings about Living Life: RWA Literacy Signing
  5. Megan Crane: RWA-- Saturday, Day Five
2:32 pm EST update
  1. Beyond Her Book: RWA: Parties Up the Wazoo
  2. Elves Among Us: I might be stepping on Barbara Vey’s toes.
  3. Jill Myles: omg soooo tired
  4. Ciara Stewart: 2008 RWA award reception video clip
  5. Melissa Blue: Last confessions
  6. dee's book dish...
    Day LAST - Kristan's win
    Day LAST - Leaving SF, but not without my heart
  7. Casablanca Authors: Taking a Moment...
  8. swamp and the city: money money money -- ain't it funny
  9. A Low Profile: Airport Quickie
11:44 am EST
  1. Writer's Diary: Saturday Report
  2. Coffee in the Morning: Star Struck
  3. Caridad Pineiro: Crazy Saturday - Blogging from RWA National! NSFW banner
  4. Jennifer's Random Musings: Heading Home…
  5. Melissa Marr: Quick thank you note (WL won the YA RITA)
  6. Nobody asked me... : RWA Fieldtrip
  7. Ramblings on Romance: Day Three of RWA and All Those Lovely Book Singings
  8. StoryBroads...It's All Good: Newsflash!
  9. Trish Milburn & Tricia Mills: Dancing the night away and awards night
  10. Wet Noodle Posse: While We're Waiting
  11. Romance Reviews Today Blog: Saturday and final day at the conference!
  12. Ciara Stewart: 2008 RITA and Golden Heart Awards
  13. Books, Boys, Buzz...: Nationals Wrap Up
  14. Romance Bandits: Running Amok at RWA National...
  15. Stringing Beads: RWA National in San Francisco - August 2
  16. The Little Pink Clubhouse
    San Francisco: Scream of joy — Kristan wins the single title RITA!
    San Francisco: A day late and — well, I still have some money left, don’t I?
  17. Denise's Den: Almost done scroll past revolving slideshow
  18. The World According to Sandy James: My roomie — Kay Cassidy — won the Golden Heart for Young Adult Romance!!!
  19. dee's book dish...: Golden Heart Winners
  20. Lisa Jackson: Alpha males, fantasy men vs. real guys
  21. Working on Happily Ever After: Day 4 RWA--Icing on the Cake
  22. SisterWriters: Cindy Nord Blogs Day Four of RWA Nationals
  23. Meljean Brook: Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.
  24. Dear Author: Lifetime Achievement Author - Vicki Lewis Thompson

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Day Four

     CC-licensed photo taken during filming of iconic Sony Bravia commerical in SF

Live coverage of the RITA and Golden Heart award ceremony tonight starting at 8 pm PST (check the current local time in San Francisco).

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8:25 pm EST update
  1. Megan Frampton
    Light at End of Fabulous Tunnel
    One Good Thing
    San Francisco (”You Got Me”)
    Packing For SF
  2. Megan Crane: Random RWA Photos While I Should Be Preparing for the RITAs
  3. A Low Profile: RWA: Then A Tree Fell Down In Front Of Me
  4. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: sneaking in
7:42 pm EST update
  1. Behind Brown Eyes: Day One (actually Two) at the RWA Conference
  2. Historical Romance: Me, being a fool scroll past novel excerpt to blog entry
  3. Jill Shalvis
    San Francisco
    Book Signing and where are the cookies?
    Oh, San Francisco
  4. Kathleen Dante: It’s started
  5. Megan Crane
    RWA-- Friday, Day Four
    RWA-- Thursday, Day Three
    RWA-- Wednesday, Day Two
    RWA-- Tuesday, Day One
  6. Michelle Willingham
    Mills and Boon Pizza Party
    RWA Literacy Signing
    Chinatown Adventures
    Ghirardelli Square–best sundae in the world
    RWA Nationals - Day 1
  7. The Misadventures of Super_Librarian: Oh The People You'll Meet
6:29 pm EST update
  1. Karen Foley: The Harlequin Party
  2. Melissa Blue: More Confessions
  3. A Little Cheese with that Whine?: Who Is Barbara Cartland?
  4. Avon Romance Blog: Lucia Macro at RWA
  5. Books, Boys, Buzz...: More San Fran pics...
  6. Ciara Stewart: SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!
  7. swamp and the city
    the tears of a clown
    so i made up my mind it must come to an end
  8. Elves Among Us
    Shoe Review Part the Fifth
    Smart Bitches Par-tayyyy…
    Shoe Review Four - Consider the Rhinestone
    Shoe Review Three - The Pinkness
    Shoe Review Two
    Welcome to the Shoe Review!
    RWA Madness!
  9. Jill Myles: My group
3:01 pm EST update
  1. The World According to Sandy James: Pitching is over for me!
  2. Mel-O-Drama: teleporting has its rewards
  3. WriteBrained: Conference Report To Come
  4. Plot Monkeys: Guest Blogger Donna M. …
  5. Rachel Vincent: Last day in SF
12:53 pm EST update
  1. RWA Conference Blogs: scroll for each day's entry
  2. Nose in a book: Saturday, Aug 2
  3. Coffee in the Morning: Workshop
  4. Ramblings on Romance: My Final Day at RWA
  5. Lori Avocato: Lori Update
  6. The Fictionistas: Interview with RITA Finalist Simone Elkeles
11:19 am EST update
  1. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: Little Item Recap
  2. Web Petals: Olympics, here I come!
  3. Bookends, LLC: Saturday's Report from the RWA Front
  4. The Little Pink Clubhouse: Day Four, San Francisco: Did you get the number of the truck?
  5. Working on Happily Ever After: Making it Through the Rocks
  6. dee's book dish...: Day Five - Yes, I'm awake.
10:37 am EST update
  1. The Salt Lake Tribune: Passion for romance: Utahn aims to nab writers' prize
  2. SisterWriters: Cindy Nord, Golden Heart Finalist, Leaving her Heart in San Francisco
  3. Indulge Yourself
    RWA Day 4: aka, Halfway to Brain Dead
    RWA Day 3
    RWA Day 2
    RWA Day 1
  4. Romance Bandits: Friendship
10 am EST update
  1. Jennifer's Random Musings: It’s Awards Day!
  2. Nice Mommy~Evil Editor: In case you’re wondering…
  3. The Pink Heart Society: eHarlequin PJ Party and Friday HR Talk and Tea
  4. Wet Noodle Posse: The Shoe Review
  5. Bonnie Staring: RWA Day 3
  6. Romance Bandits: More News from National
  7. Avon Romance Blog: Lorraine Heath at RWA
  8. Stringing Beads: RWA National in San Francisco - July 31
  9. Emma Clair: Workshop Fun at RWA National
  10. dee's book dish: Day ??? - too late (or early) for me to be sure...
  11. Ally's Diary: The next best thing to being there...
The Parallel Conferences (amazing stuff!)
  1. Paperback Writer: VW#6: Brand Me
  2. Romance Divas Forum: NGTCC :: Not Going To Conference Conference requires registration on site to participate in NGTCC

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RESOLUTION: Thanks to Laura, I was able to implement a very simple solution to the Explorer error troubling some people this morning. By removing the Site Meter code from the template, the issue has been resolved. Three cheers for Laura!

UPDATE: Explorer/Site Meter programmers appear to have resolved the issue at large, so sites with Site Meter code should now be viewable.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Day Three

     CC-licensed photo taken in SF's Farmer's Market

The Today Show clip
(thanks Taryn!)
Definitely a mixed bag in terms of what they aired -- basic facts about romance's popularity side-by-side with some really tired stereotypes underlined in a way that does not give a balanced picture of the romance market, authors, and readers -- clinch covers! we read them for the sex scenes! *sigh*

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10:41 pm EST update
  1. Writer's Diary: ThursdayFriday RWA
  2. Ember Case: San Francisco Day 2
  3. A Low Profile
    RWA: Literacy Signing
    RWA: Roadtrip! Adventure! Shopping!
    RWA: Amazing Stuff You'll Never Hear
    RWA Quickie 2: Sharing 2 Rooms With Authors
    RWA: Authors B4 Signing
    RWA: I Was Sitting With Some Pals, And a 500-lb Man Fell Down At My Feet....
    What, Me Stuck At Atlanta? No!
    Uber Author Preparations
    Virtually, like, Almost Time
  4. Melissa's Diary: RWA Conference - Friday - day
9:33 pm EST update
  1. Mel-O-Drama: tried to keep it a secret
  2. Web Petals: The Today Show (and old friends)!
  3. Coffee in the Morning
    Moonlight Madness Bazaar
    The room
  4. Romance Reviews Today Blog: Thursday at Conference
  5. dee's book dish...
    Day Four - ok, ok, I'll tell you how it went...
    Day Four - Dinner with The Cherries
5:13 pm EST update
  1. Nathan Bransford - Literary Agent: This Week in Publishing
  2. Ahhhhh Romance!
    My Trip to San Francisco music will play automatically for some browsers/settings
    Finally! The San Francisco Trip Post
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