Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day Two!

     CC-licensed photo taken in SF's Luggage Store gallery

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7:45 pm EST update

  1. SisterWriters: Cindy Nord, Golden Heart Finalist, Blogs from RWA in San Francisco
  2. Leeann Burke: RWA Literacy event
  3. Rambling on Romance: Reporting from RWA
  4. Jill Myles: Editor date
  5. Jocelynn Drake: RWA Conference
  6. Dark Territory: Going to the Rock
  7. Avon Romance Blog
    Margo Maguire At RWA
    Road To RWA
  8. A Little Cheese with that Whine?: Quick Update
  9. The Little Pink Clubhouse: Day Two, San Francisco: Is this hotel huge, or what?
  10. Working on Happily Ever After: I Am Here In San Francisco
  11. Dragon ~ A new beginning: RWA National Day 2.25 (10:45 am) News Flash
  12. Meljean Brook: It won’t surprise me at all if I forget my camera just because I took it out of the suitcase to get this picture.
4:30 pm EST update
  1. Rachel Vincent
    The other San Francisco (and my de-magnetic personality)
    San Francisco
  2. Bronwyn Parry: RWA conference, San Francisco
  3. Ciara Stewart: Joanna Bourne’s Desert Island Keepers video
  4. Melissa Blue: Confessions of a romance writer at National: part 1 of part 2
  5. Denise's Den: Busy, busy
  6. AAR Afterhours: RWA Conference Report: Part II
  7. Anaïs Nohant
    Oh BTW... met Portia Da Costa Yesterday
    Wait! THIS one looks more determined.
    Determined to MAKE Day 2 At RWA Con Awesome
  8. Writer's Diary: Reporting on RWA Wednesday
  9. WriteBrained: San Francisco on a Wednesday
  10. Jill Myles: No time!
1:45 pm EST update
  1. Kay Stockham: Party, party, party
  2. Musings and Scribbles: We're Off!
  3. Nobody Asked Me: Hailing All Frequencies
  4. The Pink Heart Society: Lit Signing & Sandra Marton's Pizza Party
  5. Ciara Stewart
    Kalen Hughes on Georgian and Regency Clothing
    Jocelyn Kelley on The Quest for the Holy Sale
  6. happy endings: RWA Nationals 2008 - Wednesday
  7. WriteMinded: Howdy from San Francisco
  8. The Debutante Ball: Launching…no time for recipes and I don’t cook anyway by Deb Danielle Younge-Ullman
  9. The Fictionistas: Interview with RITA Finalist Rosemary Clement-Moore
  10. The World According to Sandy James: I got my first sale ribbon yesterday
  11. dee's book dish...: Day Three - And the fun begins...
  12. Dragon ~ A new beginning: RWA Conference Day 0.5
  13. Bookends, LLC: Report from the Front--Thursday
  14. Dear Author
    Morning Day Two
    Even More Literacy Signing Pics
  15. Mel-O-Drama: text messages and voice votes
  16. for peaceful days and dreamy nights: RWA updates~~~
  17. Murder She Writes: At RWA
6:30 am EST updates
  1. Coffee in the Morning
    Literacy Signing
    Wednesday at RWA
  2. Dishing With the Divas: The Divas do RWA in Fog City, Wednesday
  3. Jennifer's Random Musings: Still in San Francisco…
  4. Nose in a book: MLM Girls Gone Wild!
  5. The Pink Heart Society
    RWA Goodie Room
    Heidi's Confessions of a Conference Virgin....
    Getting There Is Half The Fun
  6. Ramblings on Romance
    End of Day One of RWA
    RWA Day 1 Exhaustion
    Kristie here
  7. Romance Vagabonds: Lifetime Achievement Winners: The Founders and Shapers
  8. Tote Bags 'n' Blogs: Fan Girl Moments
  9. Bonnie Staring: RWA by any other name
  10. Melissa's Diary: RWA Conference - Wednesday - Daytime
  11. Romance Bandits: Party in San Fran!
  12. Stringing Beads: RWA National in San Francisco - July 30
  13. A Little Cheese with that Whine?: First Night in SFO
  14. Risky Regencies: Historical Writers Conference report
  15. The Little Pink Clubhouse
    San Francisco, Day One and a Half: The literacy signing is over. Plus, Susan Elizabeth Phillips is following me around!
    Yes, we’re here in the city by the bay: RWA National in San Francisco, Day 1
  16. Melissa Blue: Since it's not really confessions
  17. Emma Clair: Leadership Retreat at RWA
  18. dee's book dish...: Day Two - My pillow looks so nice...
  19. 2 B Read: Packing for Trips – What’s in Your Suitcase?
  20. The Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills: RWA National San Francisco
  21. Dear Author
    More literacy signing
    Some literacy signing pics
  22. Mona's Blog: Heading to RWA National Conference
  23. electric mist: RWA/San Francisco
  24. Smart Bitches, Trashy Novels: A Few RWA Conference Items
  25. Rachel Vincent: San Francisco
  26. Ally's Diary: RWA
  27. Working on Happily Ever After: Glorious Day 2
  28. Lisa Jackson: RWA
  29. Dragon ~ A new beginning: RWA National Conference Day -1
  30. WriteBrained: Hiking San Francisco
  31. AAR After Hours: RWA 2008 Conference Report: Part I
The Parallel Conferences (amazing stuff!)
  1. Paperback Writer: VW#4: World-Building II
  2. Romance Divas Forum: NGTCC :: Not Going To Conference Conference requires registration on site to participate in NGTCC

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day One

     CC-licensed photo taken in Golden Gate Park in SF

8:30 pm EST updates
  1. Alive & Knitting: The Conference Curse
  2. First Edition: Greetings from San Francisco!
  3. Nose in a Book: Wednesday. July 30
  4. The Pink Heart Society
    I'm Here!! RWA Report from Biddy
    Wednesday Happenings in San Francisco
  5. Ramblings on Romance
    RWA - Day 3
    Day 2 - a day later
  6. Romance Vagabonds: The Golden Heart Winners: Toasts of Tomorrow
  7. Sula's space: My day at RWA
  8. Trish Milburn & Tricia Mills: Trip highlights so far
  9. 2 B Read: RWA National Conference in San Francisco – An Update
  10. Romance Reviews Today Blog: Hello from San Francisco!
  11. Melissa Blue: Confessions of a Romance Writer from National: part 1 of part 1
  12. Denise's Den: An evening with Bats scroll down for entry
  13. The Fictionistas: Interview with RITA finalist Kelly Parra
  14. The World According to Sandy James: Conference officially begins today
  15. Pub Rants: All In A Day's Work
  16. Bookends, LLC: I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane
  17. Dear Author
    The Big News
    Breakfast Day One
    En Route Leg Two
  18. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: holy early morning
  19. The Misadventures of Super_Librarian: The Walrus Was Paul

6 am EST updates
  1. Avon Romance: Romance Radio - LIVE!
  2. Writer's Diary: RWA--Tuesday
  3. Coffee in the Morning
    We Walked The Golden Gate Bridge
    Another church in SFO
    More SFO - Day 2
    SFO 2, continued
    SFO 2
  4. Jennifer's Random Musings: And the Conference begins…
  5. Leeann Burke: First few days in San Francisco
  6. The Pink Heart Society: Welcome to the RWA Conference Hotel
  7. Ramblings on Romance: San Francisco Day Two (Pre RWA Conference)
  8. Romance Vagabonds: The RITAs: Blasts from the Past
  9. Wet Noodle Posse: So, You're Not in San Francisco....
  10. Jill Myles: Okay
  11. Craftie Ladies of Suspense: FHL Conference 2008
  12. Dark Territory: Forget it, Caitlin. It’s Chinatown.
  13. Ciara Stewart: I’m Heeeeeere!
  14. Lori Avocato's Official Blog: San Fran Update
  15. Sizzling Pens: I'm Free (Or Am I?)
  16. Melissa's Diary
    RWA Conference - Tuesday
    Pictures from Gilroy Garlic Festival
  17. Romance Bandits: Girly Girls and Kick-Ass Shoes
  18. Aphrodisia Authors: I'm at Conference may be NSFW image

The Parallel Conferences (amazing stuff!)
  1. Paperback Writer: VW#3: World-Building I
  2. Romance Divas Forum: NGTCC :: Not Going To Conference Conference requires registration on site to participate in NGTCC

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


     CC-licensed photo of sea lions at Pier 39 in SF

  1. The World According to Sandy James
    July 29
    July 28
  2. Crystal Green: On the Road
  3. for peaceful days and dreamy nights: Tuesday Pre-RWA
  4. Kay Stockham: We have arrived
  5. Jackie Does Dish: Getting Excited
  6. Living with CRS: Ready or Not, Here I Go
  7. Melissa's Diary: Countdown to Conference
  8. Stringing Beads: San Francisco - July 28
  9. A Little Cheese with that Whine?: A Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On
  10. Denise's Den: Close Call (you have to scroll for blog entry)
  11. Anne Barton
    More Fashion Fun
    Fingers Crossed for the Cheating Wife Sale
  12. HelenKay Dimon: Loose Ends
  13. The Knight Agency: Is it sunny in San Francisco?
  14. Dear Author
    On Jealousy
    All Packed and Ready to Go
    Taking Off
    En Flight Leg One
  15. Mel-O-Drama: a walk down mammary lane--I mean, memory lane
  16. Coffee in the Morning: SFO Day 1
  17. Ramblings on Romance
    San Francisco - Day One
    San Francisco Day One (Pre RWA Conference)
  18. Beth Yarnall: take one down and pass it around
  19. Romance Bandits: And They're Off!
  20. Avon Romance Blog: Our 2008 Rita Finalists
  21. Risky Regencies: The Beau Monde Conference is tomorrow!!!
  22. The Write Calling: RWA National
  23. Title Magic: Networking - Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone
  24. The Naughty Lady From Shady Lane: RWA conference, here I come!
  25. Heather Foeh: Off to San Francisco
  26. Writerly Ramblings: Getting Ready
  27. Flights-a-Fancy: San Francisco, Here I Come!
  28. Niki Burnham: Hello, San Francisco!
  29. Emma Clair: Countdown to RWA National
  30. Anne Barton's Blog: A Peek at My Dance Card
  31. The Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills: My RWA Greatest Hits
  32. Footnotes: California Dreaming
  33. Meljean Brook: Monday, Monday
  34. Web Petals: Is it winter, or did I miss something?
  35. Alive & Knitting: By the Time You Read This…
  36. Caridad Pineiro: Tuesday Tip - Fear of Flying NSFW banner
  37. The Fictionistas: Interview With RITA finalist Melissa Marr
  38. Melissa Blue: Confessions of a romance author at National: The prelude
  39. Casablanca Authors: RWA: Feast for Writers
The Parallel Conferences :)
  1. Paperback Writer: VW#2: Eff the Editing

Monday, July 28, 2008

Two days to go

     CC-licensed photo of Sutro Tower in San Fran

  1. Jennifer's Random Musings: Off To San Francisco…and a contest for you
  2. Murder She Writes: Conference Tips
  3. Musings and Scribbles: Conference Blogging
  4. Jocelynn Drake: Trip Preparation
  5. Craftie Ladies of Suspense : Greetings from San Francisco!
  6. Romance Reviews Today Blog: New Giveaway and off to the RWA Conference!
  7. Kwana Blogs: San Francisco Here I Come!
  8. Romance Writer's Revenge: Headed to Conference…One Way or Another
  9. Sizzling Pens: Get Me Outta Here!
  10. Stringing Beads: San Francisco - Interim Weather Update
  11. Alexis Fleming: We’re on our way ~ Saturday 26th July 08
  12. Dear Author: Blogging at RWA Nationals
  13. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: Marriott Nightmare? Bring Your Flashlight.
  14. aunty cindy explains it all!
    Thoughts on RWA Conferences
    If You're Going To San Francisco...
  15. Romance Vagabonds: Starstruck
  16. Katy Cooper: Going on an Adventure
  17. Cindy Procter-King: See You in San Francisco!
  18. Ember Case: Digital Packing
  19. for peaceful days and dreamy nights: Monday Meeting of Pre RWA
  20. Melissa Marr: pondering textual influence (a result of Conestoga)
  21. Nobody Asked Me: Staying in Touch
  22. StoryBroads: On the Road Again
  23. WriteBrained: How To Travel Light: What To Pack
  24. Jill Myles: Packing for RWA
  25. Plot Monkeys: Carly's Monday
  26. happy endings: RWA National Conference 2008 - The Ferry Building
  27. Books, Boys, Buzz: Conference Week
  28. Melissa's Diary: Gilroy Garlic Festival
  29. Stringing Beads: San Francisco - July 27
  30. A Little Cheese with that Whine?: The San Francisco Post: Part II
  31. Risky Regencies: Diane in San Francisco
  32. The Fictionistas: Welcome YA RITA Finalists!
The Parallel Conferences :)
  1. Paperback Writer: VW#1: Power Plotting
  2. Alison Kent: The Voices in Your Head

Internet access at the Marriott

     CC-licensed photo

From the Marriott staff:

When you purchase the internet access in your guest room, the use of the wireless access in the lobby would be at no additional charge. If you do not have internet access purchased for your guest room, the fee to access the WiFi in the lobby is $2.95 United States Dollars (USD) for the first fifteen minutes and twenty-five cents per fifteen minutes after that.

From the SF Marriott website:
For a set daily rate of 12.95 you get, in your guest room:
-- High-speed Internet access
-- Unlimited local phone calls
-- Unlimited long distance calls (within the country), not available in all markets

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Three days to go

     CC-licensed photo taken in San Fran

  1. The Writer Side of Life: Sunday Fun—Packing and Unpacking
  2. Tanya Writes Romance: Tanya Writes About RWA Literacy Signing -- plus a cool contest
  3. The World According to Sandy James: All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...
  4. Aphrodisia Authors : Cinderella should've worn flats
  5. The Little Pink Clubhouse: No conference workshop handouts: Thanks a lot, RWA
  6. Paperback Writer: SanFran Ten
  7. Alexis Fleming: The Beginning ~ Friday 25th July 08 -- NSFW gesture in first photo
  8. Melissa Blue: New National's To Do List
  9. A Slice of Orange: Anticipation
  10. happy endings: RWA Nationals 2008: Pre-Conference Hotel Update
  11. Stringing Beads: San Francisco - July 26
  12. Gillian Doyle: It's Conference Time Already??
  13. Ramblings on Romance
    The Potted Plant: My Nemesis
    It's soon?????
  14. Nobody Asked Me: My List for the Literary Signing
  15. Romance: B(u)y The Book: Lock 'n Load
  16. Jennifer's Random Musings: I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane
  17. Cruising with Karen: Going to the Ball

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Four days to go

      CC-licensed photo taken in San Fran

I think I am all caught up now from my offline hiatus -- let me know if I am missing any posts or blogs.
  1. Live something during awards ceremony -- let's hope it is not just a video feed but also something lower tech/more stable.

  2. Avery Beck: Five hours on a plane

  3. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: Informal Head Count Time: Bitches at the Bear!

  4. Dishing with the Divas
    Countdown to Conference: Day trips from SF
    Romantic Suspense Author Michelle Gagnon's San Fran Tips
    Candice's Survival Guide to San Francisco
    Barbara goes shopping...
    Gearing up for National Conference...with Friends

  5. Ember Case: Romance Divas Annual “Not Going to Conference” Conference

  6. First Edition: A Place for Originals:
    RWA National Conference

  7. Kay Stockham
    Having a little fun
    Packing Issues
    Yet MORE fun and giveaways

  8. Leeann Burke
    RWA National Conference Handout Fiasco
    My last day before taking off for RWA Nationals in San Francisco

  9. Nobody asked me: Spit & Shine & Packing

  10. Pam Writes Romance
    Prepping for Nationals: C is for Conference
    Prepping for Nationals: Your Final Homework

  11. Ramblings on Romance, etc.: A Week From Today

  12. Romance Vagabonds
    Pre-RITA Coverage: Day Five
    Pre-RITA Coverage: Day Four
    Pre-RITA Coverage: Day Three
    Pre-RITA Coverage: Day Two
    Pre-RITA Coverage: Day One

  13. Risky Regencies: Risky Rendezvous at RWA!
  14. Jax's Artistic Journey: The RWA Experience
  15. Escape Into The Fantasy
    How To Survive The Literacy Signing At Conference
    145 Restaurants Near RWA Conference 2008 Hotel
  16. Aphrodisia Authors: Too Much to Do!
  17. A Little Cheese With That Whine?: The San Francisco Post
  18. Stringing Beads
    San Francisco -- July 24
    San Francisco - July 25
  19. Elisabeth Naughton: Drumroll...
  20. Story Broads: Road Trip!
  21. Avon Romance Blog: RWA in SF

  22. Romance Bandits
    Journey Proud
    The Shy Writer's Conference Guide

  23. Fierce Romance: If You're Going to San Francisco
  24. WriteMinded: The Politics of Conferencing
  25. Heather Webber: Slacking and Packing
  26. Melissa's Diary: What was I thinking?
  27. The Little Pink Clubhouse: San Francisco’s Summer of Love: It’s Romance Writers of America’s National Conference Time!
  28. Claire Baxter: RWA National Conference
  29. Sizzling Pens: Kira Sinclair on the conference
  30. The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick: If You're Going To San Francisco, Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair
  31. Lori Avocato: Missed you all today!
  32. Randy Writes Romance: Pitch-Free in Frisco

  33. Notes From a Drama Queen: Channelling my Inner Barbie

  34. The Wet Noodle Posse
    The Anti-What Not to Wear
    Last Minute Money Saving Ideas for National
    What was your name again?
    Pitch the Pitch!
    Conference Activities for Non-Joiners, Newbies, and Self-Promoters

  35. Cindy Procter-King
    My Cat Gave Birth
    Pitch Crazy

  36. Adventures in Writing: For Harlequin Intrigue writers

  37. edittorrent: A Pre-Conference Day in the Life..

  38. The Gentle Art of Conversation: The Joys of Home-bound Nationals

  39. Bonnie Staring: Ill-Prepared

  40. WIPs and Chains: What Are You Reading?

  41. Trish Milburn & Tricia Mills: I always forget something

  42. Books. Boys. Buzz.: RWA National Conference is almost upon us again

  43. Wickedly Romantic: Conference Countdown small NSFW image

  44. Brava Authors: Romance Boot Camp

  45. Happy Endings: Time to Get Packing

  46. WriteBrained: How Much Does A Book Weigh?

  47. Divas of the Dark: The Excitement is Building...

  48. Forget Everything You Know About Vampires: Almost Ready

  49. Paperback Writer
    Left Behind & Loving It
    The Detes

  50. Katy Cooper: Hope v. Experience

  51. The Misadventures of Super Librarian: What I'll Be Doing

  52. A Slice of Orange
    Writer on the Verge
    The Write Way...(because there is no Right way)

  53. Tote Bags 'n' Blogs: The Early Bird Packs her Suitcase

  54. WriteBrained: How To Travel Light: TSA Liquid Carry-On Restrictions

  55. The Writing Playground
    Home Alone
    The Comprehensive Must-Have Magical Mystical Packing List
    Conference Ten?

  56. Beth Yarnall: marketing 101 or how to get them to buy my freakin’ book

  57. Manuscript Mavens: The Only Thing that Matters at Conference

  58. KwanaWrites: Ask the Agent

  59. Ciara Stewart: RWA Nationals, Here We Come!

  60. Romance Writer's Revenge: RWA Conference Drove Me To It

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

14 days depending on your math

  1. The Writing Playground
    Losing Your Virginity
    Your heroine's baggage is nothing compared to mine...

  2. Pam Writes Romance: Prepping for Nationals: Food, drugs, and masks

  3. Melissa Blue: My National To-Do List

  4. Avery Beck: Ramblings of a GH finalist approaching National in a state of utter calm (not)

  5. for peaceful days and dreamy nights: RWA Countdown

  6. Naughty & Spice: So many things, so little time

  7. Tote Bags 'n' Blogs: San Francisco, Here I Come!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Two weeks and some change

       CC-licensed photo here.

  1. The Annual Cherry Gathering: detes

  2. Ramblings on Romance, etc.: RWA Dress Concerns and an Announcement | Getting Ready

  3. The Writer Side of Life: A Whole Week of Conference Posts at Wet Noodle Posse

  4. Wet Noodle Posse: Don't Be Shy: RWA Survival Skills for the Very Very Bashful by Diane Gaston

  5. A Slice of Orange: Of Catching Up With Friends

  6. Ciara Stewart: Thirteen Workshops on My To Do List at RWA National

  7. Enigma Ink: San Francisco, Here I Come!

  8. Cindy Procter-King: Skipping Editor/Agent Appts PSA

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Twenty days to go

              CC-licensed photo here.

  1. RWA National: Authors attending the literacy signing

  2. Pam Writes Romance: Prepping for Nationals: Location, location, location | Dressing for Success

  3. From the Heart ... Cheryl St. John: Tips from a Road Warrior By Blythe Gifford

  4. Wet Noodle Posse: Networking at Conferences--Really, it's not scary!

  5. On My Mind Today: Thirteen Things I Need to Finish Before I Leave for RWA's National Conference

  6. Naughty & Spice: Distracted | Shoes

  7. Pink Heart Society: Travelling Tuesday - Where's Wylie This Summer?

  8. Tote Bags 'n' Blogs: Bronwyn Jameson is Preparing for San Francisco

  9. A Slice of Orange: It's Worth It

  10. Coffee in the Morning: Blogging from the RWA Conference in San Francisco

  11. Meljean Brook: BART in San Francisco (or, how to get to RWA without using a taxi or worrying about catching a shuttle)

  12. Kathleen Dante: A-traveling I go

  13. Carolyn's Blog: your assistance highly desireable - MAKEOVER TIME!!

  14. 2 B Read: Be Careful What You Wish For

Who am I missing? Leave a comment on any post.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Blogging momentum

Via Smart Bitches comes the news that the wonderful Jane of Dear Author is going to aggregate RWA feeds on a special site, Blog Nationals. Looks great so far -- every year there is a little more multimedia/Web 2.0/3.0 activity around National -- it's nice to see the conference slowly evolve into something more dynamic.

Last year's peak for this blog was 158 blogs linked in righthand nav and 90 new posts linked to in one day's update. RWAers are prolific writers!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Is it July already?

I had planned to be in San Fran this year, but, somewhere along the way, decided to go on a bigfoot research expedition instead, so I'll be following along from home again this year.

Over the next week or two, I will begin adding in the links to people sharing their experiences via blogs, podcasts, and photos. Please pass the word to anyone who wants a link to their posts/contributions to leave a comment on this post (or any post really).

I created a Flickr group for this year's conference again. I hope we can get lots of folks sharing their photos.

CC-licensed photo here.